My course is here!

My Naturopathy course stuff is here! It arrived a couple of hours ago and felt like christmas in May.

the books are so thick and the assignments all hafta be done by mid-August and I am doing a quiet panic in amongst my flailing and excitement.

I got a stethoscope (which I've already tried out and felt all grown up and costumy). Got a massage dvd and am going going to watch it and really learn to give the best MF therapeutic massages ever.

I got a blood pressure thingy and I have no idea how it works or how to read it. But Damn! It looks so flash in its little black case.

Did I mention my stethoscope is blue?

I'm starting with the first booklet tomorrow morning 8.30am. I need the rest of the day to calm the fuck down.

Its all from home so I am really going to hafta be disciplined. Lordy. Panic is becoming the does emotion.

On a side note; in the rules and ethics point 2 is that I must dress to portray someone in the natural therapies industries... dows that mean I can wear tie dye and black nail polish? Must call the collage to

Kisses to all and wish me loads of luck and positive thoughts.  Also thoughts on schedule keeping and being organised.
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